Recovery &

Life can take a toll on our hard working bodies. Massage therapy has stood the test of time in proving beneficial to ease the body’s natural healing process through recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you’ve an injury resulting from an accident, overuse or are recovering from surgery, the many modalities of Registered Massage Therapy can help speed your recovery and rehabilitation.

Ask Aaron about how massage can assist in scar healing.

ICBC Claims

As an ICBC-accredited massage therapist, Aaron can help get you back on the road to recovery. Motor vehicle accidents are traumatic. With care and consideration you will be assessed, treated and re assessed throughout your ICBC claim. Aaron will take the unneeded stress of reporting to your adjustor and ICBC direct billing off your hands.

Sports Massage

Every athlete strives to have fluid, yet solid muscles working in a rhythmic pattern to peak performance. Whether biking, running, swimming – whatever your passion – you can push your body to and beyond its limits. Sports style massage can put you back in your game. Through specific work to individual muscle groups and engaging in active and passive stretching throughout the treatment, you will be encouraged to listen to your body and be the leader in your journey to the next level.

Be an active part in creating a massage treatment plan that keeps you tuned in to your body.

Work Related Stress/
Chronic Injury

Work stress is real. We are a driven society looking to do our best for our employers, sometimes to the detriment of our health and our bodies. Overload of work responsibility can put stress on our muscles, our joints and our minds. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, low back pain, neck hypertension and tension headaches are among the many possible work-related stressors. Regular massage therapy may help reduce these stresses.

Feel free to book an appointment and engage in a clear and open dialogue to build a treatment plan that will keep you well and better able to cope.

Migraine Relief

Aaron knows from experience that living and coping with migraines is an individual journey. His treatment plan begins with clear communication, a gentle approach and a willingness to expand treatment to patient needs.

Treatment may include neck and scalp massage with specific Trigger Point Release which, depending on the location of the headache, have given relief to many migraine sufferers.

Low Back Pain

If you’ve had it, you know it! Low back pain can range from a mild irritation to that stabbing, grabbing pain that will drop you to your knees.

Modern studies have shown that up to 90% of low back pain is idiopathic, meaning it comes on for no apparent reason. It can happen when you’re bending to take the garbage out, putting your shoes on, orlifting groceries from the car. Every day activities can suddenly bring on back pain that stops you in your tracks. When this happens, it is important thing to stay calm, keep moving and find a modality that works to help decrease your pain.

When people first come for massage due to low back pain, Aaron will test to ensure there is no serious injury. Gentle touch and movements plus stretching are often the first steps to helping calm back muscles.

Massage helps many patients resolve their lower back pain.